Here at GeekBeacon we're fresh from our first open source, open culture conference held on February 18th & 19th, 2022. GeekBeacon Festival was a two day fundraising event with a focus on technology, mental health, and accessibility to benefit the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the AbleGamers Foundation.

GeekBeacon Fest 2022 - Main Conference in Review
GeekBeacon Festival was our global, online conference , held February 18th &19th 2022. Our two-day conference was a fundraising event to benefit the Electronic Frontier Foundation [] (EFF) and the AbleGamersFoundation. The EFF is on the front lines of the battle for digital privacy…

Our main event was two days, but we are coming back with an action-packed single day conference on February 18th 2023! We'll be featuring speakers, presentations, discussions, giveaways and more to be announced. Learn more about our main conference recap here!


We've made great alliances on NixiePixel's Channel, the GeekBeacon Network and during our own festival, GeekBeacon Fest.

We have worked with Katy Perry and Terry Crews for LANFest events. We've worked alongside prominent influencers SoldierKnowsBest, Dom Esposito, and Malik Forté. GeekBeacon Festival's success and reach speaks for itself with social media impressions of 260,000+. More metrics and analytics are available for review here.


  • Game Dev: Advancements in technology, accessibility, and more.
  • Self-Reliance: Ways to not only survive but thrive, sustainable living.
  • Neurodiversity: What it is, what it's like, and why it's awesome.

Always preserving the bedrock of open source and open culture, we will be adding the self-reliance track that will cover tiny homes and sustainability. We will expand on neurodiversity, and take a look at current game development.


That's right, we'll be back with an all star cast for hosting and talks, including some returning favorites! We'll have a robotics stream and we'll be having a live podcast with creators. Current technology and IT trends are centering cybersecurity, so we'll be testing our skills with a "Hackathon" and Hacker Jeopardy. Our fall event will even feature a live pickup D&D session to learn about geek therapy.


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